June 1st, 2008 Storm Chase

Today was my first day of working without pay at Morphlix, and I felt that getting out into the middle of nowhere would help me with some soul searching. While I don't typically like to chase alone, it was theraputic on this day.

I decided to target the Sterling area and go from there. While there was a decent amount of shear, the area was pretty strongly capped and dry. As late afternoon was approaching, a storm started developing about 30 minutes to the North. I decided it was time to abondon my southern target and head North on hwy 6/138 toward I-80. Just after passing the Wyoming border, a tornado warning was issued for Dalton. Since the road matrix was pretty decent in that argricultural area, I decided to stay south and west of the storm, looking primarily to the east for any action. A wall cloud was reported in my area later on, and a funnel reported by a truck driver well ahead of the storm.

While I can't confidently say there were any tornadoes, there were a bunch of cloud lowerings, swirls, dust spinning on the ground (gustnadoes?), and some great storm structure. This storm turned an otherwise bust into a great chase day.

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Author: Adam Boggs