May 3rd, 2007 Storm Chase

This chase was a backyard storm chase the day before the infamous May 4th, 2007 tornado day in Kansas (Greensburg). While we ended up in Kansas the next day anyway, I couldn't resist going out on this day since it was only a couple of hours from home.

I headed up to northern colorado with Paul Robinson. We focused our chase near Ault, CO, HWY 85 north of there, and HWY 14 east of there. The storms fired quickly and lined out, but created some great spinups on the gust front. We even experienced a weaker circulation first hand as it plowed over us, blowing first hard from the left, then a calm "eye" for a few seconds, and then hard from the right before passing. While getting mildly sandblasted, it was certainly worth the experience! See the video for a clearer idea what we went through. (Listen to the the wind howl!) The circulation is harder to see in the photos. We were treated to an amazing sunset as the sun went down behind the approaching squall line.

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Author: Adam Boggs