Adam's Bull Puppy Rocket
"Welcome to high power, now break out your checkbook."

Rocket First launch Width Length Weight Motor(s) Comments
PML Bull Puppy 06/12/2004 3.126 in. 39.625 in. 32 oz Aerotech G80-7, H123W-10, H148, I161 First kit rocket!

This was my first kit rocket and my entrance into highpower rocketry. The Bull Puppy uses a piston ejection system to protect the chute and tubular nylon line that attaches the piston to the nosecone and the parachute together. The quantum tubing for the main body and formed boattail and nosecone (both plastic) were all very easy to work with. Of course, being my first rocket I made a couple of mistakes but consider them things to keep in mind for next time.


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Author: Adam Boggs