Oktoberfest 2006

These pictures are from Oktoberfest 2006, sponsored by Northern Colorado Rocketry, a 3 day launch on the Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado. I flew 3 successful flights on Saturday, including my rebuilt workhorse, the PML Bull Puppy on an Aerotech H-123 redline, My 4" rocket Endo, on an Aerotech J-180 slow-burn blue thunder, and a 6" Red rocket I got from Steve Marshall which launched on a Cesaroni L-730, the highest impulse class motor I have launched yet.

Where noted, photos and videos courtesy of Mike Bennett. All others were taken by me or other friends.

My Red Rocket on L-730 (13.5 MB)
Steve Marshall's 4.5" rocket on K-1100 (10.5 MB)

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Author: Adam Boggs